Southern Cuisine of Excellence
Pool with Finnish Overflow
Barbecue service
Snacks and trendy cocktails
Comfortable premium bedrooms
La Posada de Madryn - Hotel Boutique


Hotel Boutique La Posada de Madryn

We invite you to be author of every corner, to contemplate each moment, to be surprised with all the details covered in history and to live your own patagonian experience.


Create your own patagonian experience

A Warm Homemade Breakfast

Start by waking up your senses: Enjoy the smell and taste of homemade breakfast in the morning light. Feel the warmth that a good cup of coffee or tea can provide; the taste of local sweets and the rich flavour of fruits and freshly squeezed juices.

On top of starting the day with all the morning flavors of the buffet breakfast, you will also be able to enjoy the view of our lovely park.

Southern Cuisine of Excellence

The patagonian experience is lived with all our senses, that is why we offer a variety of indigenous flavors to taste. Through elaborated and rich dishes made with great dedication and patience by our chef, we include pasta, patagonic lamb, meat, fish and other delicacies in our menu.

Our gourmet seafood dish is our specialty. Take pleasure in your own south moment tasting prawns, squid, scallops and more freshly caught fish from our sea.

Pool with Finnish Overflow

Plunge into warm waters – a delight of sensations towards the southern temperatures. Located in our 3.000 sq. park, it can be a great plan to enjoy with friends, family or your couple, taking a nice warm bath.

A moment of pleasure: sitting on the edge of the pool with a drink in hand and a plate of exquisite snacks.

A Traditional Asado with the Smell of Wood

The barbecue service at our park invites you to enjoy an authentic argentinian asado, tasting the exquisite patagonic grazing lamb raised in small nearby farms.

Living the folklore of a asado means lighting up the fire, cooking the meat with patience, enjoying the moment with a good glass of wine and to be reunited friends and family.

We offer the possibility of making your own asado or to taste it by the hand of our chef specialist.

The Bar, a Meeting and Relaxation Point

When the sun goes down, take a moment to please yourself with a pool match, long talks, signature and trendy cocktails and music that creates a satisfying ambience.

It is open 24 hours, so you can taste a good cup of coffee on our comfortable sofas whilst you cherish every piece of sophisticated patagonian identity.

Fresh Air and Wellness All Year

We offer Mountain Bikes that are always renewed and ready to undertake tours of our “rambla”, visit the Luis Piedra Buena dock, the monument to the Welsh Woman, go up to the Monument to the Tehuelche Indian to appreciate from there, the entire city and its extensive beaches. Also challenge the limits of the city towards the surrounding bays on asphalt roads or dirt circuits between native vegetation and wildlife.

Wellness Space
A space of relaxation and comfort to discover the details that feed pleasure in your body and soul. Add a plus to your stay and choose from the six options offered by our wellness space.


Rest between lighthouses, ponchos and horse blankets

The minimalist decoration recreates stories through a great selection of art which illustrates the lighthouses in the magnitude of Patagonia. The paintings were created by the plastic artist Maria Laura Bretoz who wishes that “whoever contemplates them discovers their own history”.

The comfortable bedrooms invite you to rest between valuable ponchos and horse blankets handcrafted with sheep wool and goat llama. The woven generates a crossing of productions which travel from south to northern Argentina, going through 100 years of history.

Best price guaranteed.

All rooms are equipped with free WiFi, cable TV, bed linens, towels, private bathroom with hair dryer and maid service.

* Priority reservation for people with reduced capacity.


Puerto Madryn – Enjoy the naturals at Puerto Madryn

We are located 500 meters from the beach, in a quiet area 20 blocks from the city center.

Abrahám Mathews 2951, Puerto Madryn, Chubut


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Abrahám Mathews 2951, Puerto Madryn, Chubut